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Population: 78,557’ – Median Household Income: $ 38,205- Elevation:  1382’ – Average Annual Sunshine: 195 Days – Average Annual Rainfall:  26 in – Average Annual Snowfall: 4.1 in – Average Temperature Summer:  High 88* : Low 51* – Spring: High 72* : Low 42* – Fall: High 67*  :  Low 34* – Winter: High 53* : Low 31*



Medford Private Schools

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North Medford High School 

South Medford High School

Rogue Community College

Utility Information

Pacific Power (888-221-7070)

Avista Gas (800-727-9170)

Medford Water Commission (541-774-2430)

Rogue Disposal & Recycling (541-779-4161)


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Median Home Price:  According to SOMLS, the Median Home Price in Medford, Oregon is $ 226,750 which is an increase from the previous year.

Medford is an outstanding, livable community midway between Portland and San Francisco. Beautiful sceneries and only 25 minutes to Mount Ashland. Southern Oregon and Northern California, blending family, lifestyles, diverse educational, artistic and cultural resources and a strong sense of environmental stewardship all create a vibrant place for people to live, work, learn, invest, grow, play and visit.