Klamath Falls Real Estate

    Population: 21399’ – Median Household Income:  33,604$  – Elevation: 4099’ – Average Annual Sunshine:  218 Days – Average Annual Rainfall: 14 in – Average Annual Snowfall: 35 in – Average Temperature : Summer:  High 86* :  Low 45* – Spring:  High 67*  :  Low 32* – Fall:  High 76*  :  Low 35* – Winter:  High 38*  :  Low 20*


    Mills Elementary School

    Conger Elementary School

    Pelican Elementary School

    Ponderosa Elementary School

    Roosevelt Elementary School

    Klamath Union High School

    Utility Information

    Klamath Water (541-850-2503)

    Pacific Power (541-883-7820)

    Avista Gas (800-227-9187)

    Klamath Falls Regional Disposal (541-273-0802)


    Park & Recreation



    Median Home Price:  According to Zillow, the Median Home Price in Klamath Falls, Oregon is  $151,600 which is a 4.3 % increase from the previous year.

    Klamath Falls is a city in and the county seat of Klamath County, Oregon. The city is on the southeastern shore of the Upper Klamath Lake and about 25 miles north of the California-Oregon border. Klamath Falls is nearby the Kingsley Field Air National Guard Base. It is also close to the famous Crater Lake park.