Central Point Real Estate

    Population:  17,600’ – Median Household Income:  $ 48,895 – Elevation:  1272’ – Average Annual Sunshine:  199 Days – Average Annual Rainfall:  18.34 in – Average Annual Snowfall: 5 in – Average Temperature Summer:  High 91* :  Low 57* – Spring:  High 82*  :  Low 41* – Fall:  High 70*  :  Low 36* – Winter:  High 54*  :  Low 33*



    Central Point School district

    Central Point High school  

    Utility Information

    Central Point Pacific Power (888-221-7070)

    Central Point Water Department  (541-664-7602)

    Avista Utilities (800-659-4427)

    Central Point Sanitation (541-779-4161)


    Recreation and Parks

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    Median Home Price:  According to Zillow, the Median Home Price in Central Point, Oregon is $ 231,100 which is a 10.4% increase from the previous year.

    Central Point, Oregon is a city in Jackson County, Oregon, United States. The city shares its southern border with Medford and is a part of the Medford metropolitan area. Central Point is home of the Jackson County Fair that occurs in July. New diversities of events are coming this summer at the expo in Central Point.